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Based in Porto, Portugal, Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios, SA, is about people and what drives them. People matter. Find out how we make lives better (ours and yours) with everything we do.
The Humans of STA
This family of 154 members is STA's most valuable asset. Even more than their renowned smarts and skill, this motley crew is famous for their humility, agility, persistence, and determination. We work together like few other do.
Management Profiles
Meet and connect with the leadership behind the humans that make our business run like clockwork.  Collectively inclusive, transparent, and fair describes our servant-leadership style the best. Discover more below.
Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios, SA - STA
Rua Terramonte 771, 4470 - 122 Gueifães - Maia, Portugal
Tel: + 351 22 906 92 20 (chamadas para a rede fixa nacional) | www.sta.com.pt | geral@sta.com.pt

Pessoa Colectiva  502 029 951
Matriculada na Conservatória Registo Comercial da Maia
Capital Social € 2.035.240,00
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