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STA is the ultimate aluminium manufacturing one-stop shop. Suppose you are looking for a component made of aluminium or zamak that needs to be perfectly functional, beautifully made, last a lifetime, and competitively priced. In that case, STA is your Port(o) of Call.

There is no secret! In the aluminum and zamak casting business, we all work with more or less the same machines, in the same heat and noise. Many can cast a component, but if you are looking for value-add, you are at the right place!

Let us engineer your idea… any idea. Our R&D department can turn your dreams into reality, into a functional product that makes the lives of your customers better.

We can cast your products, chloride-free zinc plate, anodize in different colors, from natural to black, powder coat in any colour you can dream of, assemble, pack and ship. All this in the most efficient way, on time, and within your specifications.
Our quality department oversees your project from the start. We identify critical measures and functional areas and make sure your dream can be manufactured within your defined tolerances. Our high-precision measuring equipment warrants consistent quality so you can have peace of mind.
But what really makes the difference is WHY we do this. Why does an STA employee wake up, have a coffee, leave his loved ones behind, and confront horrible traffic to face the hardship of our industry? What motivates him to do things differently and better each day?  
Because we want to have a better life, for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and our customers. That is why we go the extra mile. Why we continuously improve the quality of your product, the efficiency of our processes, the reduction of waste, and increase safety and wellbeing. Because we care!
Mold Making
Anodisation Coating
Assembly & Packing
Quality Control
Mold Making
Mold making was first used in Portugal in the Bronze Age and elevated the crude manufacturing processes practiced by our ancestors. Mold-making techniques have been on the rise ever since. Their main objective is the reproduction of uniform copies of the given design. We design and manufacture your molds in-house. The fast feedback between Mold Making department, Quality, R&D, and Production is a guarantee for a fast throughput time of your project.

At STA we have an engineering team composed of two engineers and three specialist technicians, prepared to face any industry challenge. With their knowledge, we do more than 45 molds per year, we also develop and make our own machines and automations internally to improve our processes and maximise our productivity.
Did you know that we can make molds up to 1m² and with up to 2 ton in weight?
Although there are some variations in the technique, the major difference between gravity casting and injection die-casting is the use of aluminum alloy as the raw material. Injection die-casting is the process by which a material (zamak or aluminium) is introduced into a mold under high pressure while in a liquid state. Gravity casting, on the other hand, employs the force of gravity to insert the material into the mold.

If you choose injection die-casting, you are looking to produce a lot of parts with a high degree of accuracy in design. You are able make many complex parts in a short time frame. We can offer this in zamak or aluminium as raw material.

Gravity casting uses an aluminum alloy with low silicon content. This alloy can be anodised to give you a wonderful natural aluminum look and feel. Complex designs and delicate details are more difficult to produce but at STA we do not shy away from a challenge. Where others have given up, we pursue.

In STA we can cast products in different alloys and in three different die-casting technologies: cold chamber, hot chamber, and gravity die-casting.
Did you know that we cast over 18 million products per year?
Anodising & Powder Coating

For many, anodising is simply a process to achieve a decorative finish, but it is so much more than that.

Anodising can be defined as an eco-friendly electrochemical process that consists of the creation of an oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium, with the purpose of thickening and strengthening the protective oxide layer that appears naturally.

STA’s main goal is to supply the best anodising quality in the market. On request, we even provide an anti-viral coating (Nanocoat). We anodise in natural colour, gold, champagne, bronze, and black.

Our technicians are highly experienced in handling this process, ensuring the concentration of the baths according to the bath specification as well as keeping the line in good condition. To anodise articles at competitive prices and with the quality our customers expect, we must have capable tools. Our technicians have the appropriate knowledge to develop them.

In the powder coating process, free-flowing, dry powder granules are electrostatically charged during spraying with air and attracted to the earthed component as a powder cloud. The powder layer melts when the component is heated and forms a closed coating after cooling. It creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Our technicians have an in-depth knowledge of the painting process as well as being able to develop tools (racks) to paint the parts according to customer specifications. We have the means to paint a wide range of colours. Whatever your colour need, we can do it.

Did you know that powder coating uses no solvents and release no volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere? Thus, it is the most environmentally friendly process of its kind.
Assembly & Packing
Direct manufacturing labour costs are attached to those employees immediately responsible for producing the product, such as assembly line workers. While we are proud of improving the wellbeing of our employees by for example increasing salaries every year, our labour cost is constant and more than 2.5 times lower than the European average and 3 times lower than the Western European average. How did we do this? Our cost savings and productivity improvements allow us to give back to our employees. As such, we keep our promise to give everyone a better life. This is how we add value to your projects, and you reap the benefit of competitive pricing.

For articles with considerable volumes, we have high productivity assembly lines. In some of them, the team iensure that no component is missing from products with electronic devices.
We employ 25 FTEs with extensive experience in assembling products. This same team also ensures products function correctly to customer specifications.
Did you know that in the case of a missing component the product will be segregated? In this way, we guarantee our customers excellent service. We finish over 8 million products per year!
Quality Control
We have created an environment where dedication and discipline lead to a cohesive team of management and employees that strive for perfection. This is done by training personnel, creating benchmarks for product quality, and testing products to check for statistically significant variations.

A significant aspect of quality control is the establishment with our customers of well-defined controls. These controls help standardise both production and reactions to quality issues (ISO 9001-2010).

Our high-quality standard allows us to supply the most demanding customers and renowned brands. Exceptional quality at reasonable prices is our key selling point.
Did you know that in the case of a missing component the product will be segregated? In this way, we guarantee our customers excellent service. We finish over 8 million products per year!

Did you know that in 2022 alone:

  • We performed more than 200 measurements on molds, tools, and above all, new products using our CMM equipment? The resulting highly accurate data helps each department in the decision-making process, either to correct, improve or validate our products, to ensure all requirements are met.
  • Deriving from improvement actions, 49 action plans were implemented, allowing for a structured and systematic approach to problem-solving? With the help of multidisciplinary teams, the focus is on Continuous Improvement and delivering results that can be sustained over time.
  • We have over 600 measuring and monitoring equipment, calibrated either internally or at externally certified labs, to guarantee optimal results in Inspection & Quality Assurance? Besides those, several Poka-yoke systems are integrated into the production lines.
  • Chemical analysis for process control is performed daily? Surface treatment and corrosion resistance are also assessed: salt spray test equipment works 24/7 fulfilling our commitment to test and deliver according to industry standards.
  • Over 150 cyclicals, traction, and pull tests using both customer and international standards were performed, to test the products to the limit of their specifications in our mechanical test lab?
  • More than 300 documents were either created or updated, ranging from Technical Datasheets, Standard Operating Procedures, or Work Instructions? With our focus on visual management, our aim is to provide clear instructions to support the shop floor in carrying out each operation in a systematic and efficient way.
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