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Design & Development
Design and Development
Let us engineer your idea… any idea. Our R&D department can turn your dreams into reality, into a functional product that makes the lives of your customers better. We have been bringing great component designs to life for over 25 years with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained engineers, making sure you get the best possible product manufactured in the most efficient way possible.

With a multidisciplinary dedicated team of 6 highly motivated and creative people, capable to work from the design to the functionality with the main objective to make your dream become reality. What can be imagined can be produced, this is our superpower!
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Door Handles
Window Handles
STA - Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios, SA 
Rua Terramonte 771, 4470 - 122 Gueifães - Maia, Portugal
Tel: + 351 22 906 92 20 (chamadas para a rede fixa nacional) | www.sta.com.pt | geral@sta.com.pt

Pessoa Colectiva  502 029 951
Matriculada na Conservatória Registo Comercial da Maia
Capital Social € 2.035.240,00
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