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Beyond Boundaries.

SOFI aluminium door and window systems are revered in the market due to their quality and durability. This is the key to SOFI's success for over 40 years!

José Fonseca and Ricardo Oliveira
Tony STArk never stops improving his Iron Man armor, making him faster and more efficient. Here at STA, José Fonseca and Ricardo Oliveira treat their grinding robots like real Tony STArk’s.
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Touch surfaces are a major point of contagion and Nanocoat® is here to stop spreading bacterial, viral. and fungal infections.
STA "sailors"
The reason why we are doing what we are doing is because we want a better life. For our customers, our colleagues and of course for ourselves.
The STA Story
No boundaries. Only Opportunities.
STA primarily develops and produces hardware for most world-leading aluminium window & door brands. We have a sterling reputation for our quality, reliability, speed and smart solutions.

But we're a lot more than that.

We believe that the key to a better life is in our hands but is not always easy. We believe that working together, however, makes it easier to take care of each other. We are agile – in our job and in our lives. Working together motivates us to work harder, smarter, more creative, safer, more efficient, and more knowledgeable. Our dedication to this has no boundaries...
Aluminum Components
We develop and produce aluminium components for most of the world's leading door and window brands. Chances are that if you've opened an aluminium door or window somewhere in Europe today, you've interacted with a product from our factory. We also design and manufacture aluminium components for the automotive industry, bicycles and other industrial and household products. We are a true one-stop-shop, from the design, engineering, and development of systems and components, through mold-making and casting, to finishing and packing- ready for distribution around the world.  

If your product idea needs to be functional, beautiful, competitively priced, and last a lifetime, we can make it happen.
Design & Development
Make | Finish | Pack
Door Handles
Window Handles
STA - Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios, SA 
Rua Terramonte 771, 4470 - 122 Gueifães - Maia, Portugal
Tel: + 351 22 906 92 20 (chamadas para a rede fixa nacional) | www.sta.com.pt | geral@sta.com.pt

Pessoa Colectiva  502 029 951
Matriculada na Conservatória Registo Comercial da Maia
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