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We develop and produce aluminium components for most of the world's leading door and window brands. You can find our products like window and door handles, systems, and locks across Europe and the middle east all the way to India. The majority of products we produce are in tier 1, 2, or 3 setups. We produce according to your plans, or we can help you develop.

See our own product line: SOFI® - click to see the catalogue.
Over the years we have grown our expertise into bicycle components, parts for electric motors, loudspeakers, and casings for lights. Other of our aluminium casted components can be found in consumer products like coffee machines and other household products. 

Do we contribute to a better world? We believe so. Besides “opening doors and possibilities”, during the covid lockdowns, we have developed an anti-viral (and anti-covid-19) coating which is, as far as we know, unique in the world. No more bacteria, fungi, and viruses carried over from one human being to the other via infected surfaces. Because we care also about your well-being. This will allow us to extend our portfolio into medical and/or protective coatings.
We are a true one-stop-shop, from the design, engineering, and development of systems and components, through mold-making and casting, to finishing and packing – ready for distribution around the world. If your product idea needs to be functional, beautiful, competitively priced, and last a lifetime, we can make it happen.
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STA - Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios, SA 
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