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December 8, 2022Gustav Rischmüller

How can we make your life better? The answer is Nanocoat®.

The rapid spread of viral infections through contaminated surfaces is common, particularly in crowded establishments such as schools, public buildings, day-care facilities, nursing homes, business offices, hospitals, or transport systems. How can we prevent this? This is where Nanocoat® comes in. Surfaces are a major point of contagion and Nanocoat® is here to stop spreading infections. Goodbye virus, goodbye bacteria, goodbye fungi, hello safety and health!

While most treatments available on the market are only anti-bacterial, Nanocoat® is the real deal because it works on three levels simultaneously: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. This also means anti-covid-19!

The Nanocoated technology is so effective because it is based on physical contact of the bacteria, viruses, or fungus with the handle surface where it finds its cell membrane pierced and is rapidly killed.

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