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Joaquim Gonçalves

February 2, 2024STA Admin

Mr. Joaquim became part of our family on April 15, 2003, joining the Tools, Molds, Dies and Cuttings execution team.

Locksmithing is an art that runs through his veins; There are no technical constraints that stand in its way and it is always available to save anyone whose tools are in trouble. Some rumors say that his superpower is creativity and improvisation: if there is a need to make a prototype, repair a tool, or solve any other complicated situation, we know that we can trust his experience and his detail.

Some things are priceless and the experience that comes from many years of working in the metalworking industry is one of them, right?

In the same way that Batman drives his batmobile, Mr. Joaquim travels daily on his motorbike. Rain or shine, he winds his way along the road until he reaches his destination safely, ready to save the STA family's day!

Like any superhero, health is never neglected: he likes physical exercise and at his snack time, fruit is essential.

Don't you think that, because of all this, he is an example to follow?

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