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STA "sailors"

September 27, 2023STA Admin

The reason why we are doing what we are doing is because we want a better life. For our customers, our colleagues and of course for ourselves. But not every day is the same and sometimes it is hard. Things happen in life, at work. It does not matter how often you fall off the horse, what matters is if you get back on it.

That is why today was a perfect day to learn to sail headwind. Wind from the north is strong this time of the year. 3 boats and 15 STA sailors left the port in Vila Nova de Gaia heading north.

What did we learn? Not only we experienced what the 13th century Portuguese sailors must have gone through on their caravels returning with a shipload of spices from the east. We also realized that many hands make work light. They all agreed; no one would have made it back if he or she was sailing solo. Not in this wind.

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